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Entrepeneur and extremely concrete growth thanks to AG’s experience in the world of Consulting, Andrea Girolami offers his transversal vision of tourism, to create a system that shares his successful know-how in increasing turnover, in brand awareness and a brand loyalty of partners.

Established in 2014, AG Hotel Consulting has a very clear vision of its objectives. Offer a wide range of solutions to support private Hotels through their various stages of growth and development and their future. This ranged from support to new start-ups to overall Hotel Management, offering specific focus to guarantee successful growth.

Thanks to this visionary and innovative approach, Andrea Girolami created another business diversification thanks to his constant investment in hospitality, his knowledge of IT innovation, and a new model lifestyle. His young and dynamic team, experienced in International studies and positive future growth vision, achieved their objectives effectively and quickly.

  • Andrea Girolami


  • Marco Calabrese

    Director of Human Resources & Corporate Organization

  • Maria Chiara Picardi

    Director of Sales Marketing & PR

  • Pietro Moretti

    Director of AG Hotel Consulting

  • Gianluca Longo

    Director of Revenue

  • Mauro Brasioli

    Communication & Distribution manager

  • Rocco Moscariello

    Director of AG Boutique Journey

  • Sandra Arman

    MICE & Luxury Division Manager

  • Eleonora Mancini

    Revenue Department

  • Amin Loftian

    Revenue Department

  • Vito Carluccio

    Revenue Department

  • Damiano Maiuri

    Revenue Department

  • Leonardo Santoro

    Revenue Department

  • Vania Vittozzi

    Revenue Department

  • Flavio Castellani

    Revenue Department

  • Alessandro Sforza

    Reservations Specialist

  • Michele Brinzaglia

    Reservations & Sales Agent

  • Alessia Esposito

    Reservations Agent

  • Francesco Diviesti

    Graphic Designer

  • Giulia Laganà

    Marketing Account

  • Ginevra Silvi

    Social Media Account